C. S. Lewis

When I receive your emails or phone calls, my heart skips a beat:

“Oh, a beautiful person whom I will soon get to know! I wonder what she likes, what is her favorite colour, her first childhood memory, her dreams, her projects!!! ”

“What we learn from experience depends on the kind of philosophy we bring to experience.”

I can't wait ! Tell me !

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See you soon!

Milena Perdriel

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The preparatory meetings and photo sessions are carried out by appointment. When you

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minimum of two weeks; and for Saturdays, a month in advance is often advised.

J'ai toujours de super chouettes idées/pensées à partager !

Une fois par mois, je vais vous envoyer de bonnes ondes, de bonnes idées et plein d'astuces expérimentées pour sourire dans la vie et/ou en images.

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