My talent is making portraits.

I want to offer well-being around me, to support my clients in loving and appreciating themselves.

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When I make portraits, I fully feel like myself, I connect completely with the person, with their soul, I see its beauty and I capture it! It's a very intense moment of exchange, which makes me happy, it is my driving force.

What makes me even happier is to create such beautiful portraits of you, to see you loving yourself to the fullest and spread this love around you.







Photographing people is for me a way of communicating with their being and connecting myself with their beauty. I deeply believe in the beauty of the human soul, in its purity and freedom. I believe that Beauty and Kindness intertwine, that is philokalia. I wanted to specialize in PORTRAIT to show the elegance that we carry in ourselves. I developed my sensibility and deepened my knowledge in aesthetics and morphology to create the most beautiful image of you that I see myself.


Who am I ?

I've lived (well) since 1974. I am a Sagittarius.

Bulgarian Sagittarius, I say this because I believe the time difference makes Bulgarians different (!). Mother since 2001 {I am the mother of two wonderful daughters! They are my inspirations, my compas, my bursts of laughter, they give me the example and question me deeply. They empower and stimulate me, they amaze me, make my heart vibrate and awaken my primary instincts too. I love them so much.} . Photographer since 2003, I used to be a linguist.

I love:

The Little Prince, Piglet, Pippi Langstrumpf, Winnetou, a-ha, surprises, people that keep their word, raw (and crunchy) apples, westerns, classic vintage cars, Plovdiv, Paris, skiing, my models, beauty, the work of Gaudi, Taoism, Feng shui, TED talks, ice cream, people, snowdrop flowers, my wonderful daughters, the 3 old photos of my mother, Frankfurt with my sister in it, and the others …

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I don't like:

Horror movies, rainy days with no 'fireside', having only three photos of my mother, the location of Paris, not being myself, running, 'Le parfum', ginger and rosemary, cemeteries...




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